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General Information

"BAJA GREECE" is a compact Offroad event with its main concept "Arrive - Race - Enjoy - Depart" and all this within a weekend of racing program.


BAJA GREECE 2020 revives offroad endurance races that were organized in Greece in decade of the 90s. This kind of race setup combines lots of racing kilometers with low Entry Fee cost without any discount in Organization infrastructure and competitor’s safety precautions.

In detail:

After a Prologue Stage, competitors are requested to run a series of non-stop laps of cycle-shape Special Stage which is closed to other vehicles traffic.

The total number of rounds that have to be run are considered as one and unique Special Stage with only one timing. Thus, timing counts from the start of the 1st round until the finish of the last round. 

Timing continues to count even if the competitor enters in Service Park for repairs. Service Park area is attached to Special Stage and competitors may enter and exit as many times as they wish.

“Neutral Time” is predetermined only for refuel of competition vehicles in specified area called “refuel zone” which is same for all competitors. In refuel zone any kind of repairs is strictly forbidden.

BAJA GREECE offers to competitors a race with a long range Special Stage against the chronometer, to evaluate vehicle’s and competitor’s endurance, to plan a strategy in order to finish race, to demonstrate noble competition and genuine motorsport spirit by overtake other competitors and allow to be overtaken by faster competitors.

Driver’s ability to stay concentrated for many kilometers and the ability of co-driver to point sections of Special Stage that need attention and at the same time to keep his driver in a constant driving rhythm, avoiding fatigue of vehicle and crew, are some of the unique characteristics that this type of event makes it special.  

Organizers, in order to assist strategy planning during the race, will provide competitors with provisional classification results by sending to all co-drivers messages to “BAJA GREECE WhatApp Group”. Co-drivers must compulsory be registered to this group. This procedure will facilitate competitors to adjust their driving according to their objectives.

Detailed information regarding BAJA GREECE is published in race Supplementary Regulation. More of it, a comprehensive briefing to competitors will be given prior of race start.

Vehicles accepted are : T1, T2, T3, TZ1(TH), SSV (side by side). More details in section "Regulations"

"Re-Startl/ Forfettaria" rule will be also applicable in Baja Greece.

More details in Supplementary Regulation of event. 

Location and season, in which BAJA GREECE will be run, combined with many non-stop kilometers, promise a real endurance event.

“BAJA GREECE Organization Committee, pioneers for one more time, wishes to all participant a unique, pleasant and safe race.

Leading Organizers

    Kostas Theologis

Promoter of RALLY GREECE OFFROAD for 4 years and now assigned to make the same job for BAJA GREECE.

Competitors may contact him for any further information.

     Alekos Apostolidis

CoC of RALLY GREECE OFFROAD and responsible for Roadbook.

In BAJA GREECE will give the same feeling of safety to all competitors by designing the race safety plan.

         Renato Rickler

International promoter and co-organizer for RALLY GREECE OFFROAD and BAJA GREECE.

With high reputation in C.C.R. and huge knowledge for offroad racing, Renato returns every year in Greece with new ideas and proposals for making successfull events.

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