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Group FIA T1 – Improved Cross Country Vehicles:


T1.1: T1 4x4 Petrol Class

T1.2: T1 4x4 Diesel Class

T1.3: T1 4x2 Petrol Class

T1.4: T1 4x2 Diesel

Group FIA T2 – Cross Country Series Production Vehicles:


T2.1: T2 Petrol Class

T2.2: T2 Diesel

Group FIA T3 – Improved Cross Country Vehicles:


T3.1: T3S

T3.2: T3P

Group TZ1 (TH relevant) – Vehicles without FIA homologation:


TZ1.1: vehicles up to 2.500cc engine capacity

TZ1.2: vehicles from 2501cc up to 3500cc engine capacity

TZ1.3: vehicles from 3501cc up to 4500cc engine capacity

TZ1.4: vehicles from 4501cc engine capacity and more


Group SSV – light weight vehicles without FIA homologation.


SSV.1: vehicles without turbo, engine and up to 1050cc

SSV.2: vehicles with turbo, engine and up to 1050cc

Technical Guideline
TZ1 (TH)
Technical Guideline SSV


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