Appendix  Covid-19

Dear Competitors, Team members, Media representatives and guests,

We as Organizers of "RALLY GREECE OFFROAD" and "BAJA GREECE" never expected that will have been forced to write,  and implement regulations other than the ones are typically part of a motorsport event. We felt that we are obliged to act fast and in a responsible way so to make everyone feel safe by attending to our races.

As such, we publish the "Appendix Covid-19" which includes specific guidelines that have to be followed during our races.

Greece is considered and in fact it is, one of the world's safest destinations of post Covid-19 era. With a minimum spread of virus and with a very low rate of fatalities. Greeks have managed successfully to overtake the pandemic crisis and they are determine to look future with optimism.


Nevertheless, Greek State has imposed specific hygiene regulations and instructed directives for all athletic events in order to prevent a second wave of virus spread among its citizens.

Please read carefully all pages of Appendix Covid-19 and feel free to contact us for any further information.

See You All in Greece ! 

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