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8th RALLY GREECE OFFROAD 3-6 June is a valid event for 2021 Italian Cross Country Rally Championship as also for 2021 Italian SSV Championship. The event has an increased coefficient 3 for both championships.


Competitors who wish to participate in RALLY GREECE OFFROAD and classified in any of the two above mentioned Italian championships, have to specifically declare it in Entry Form and at the same time to be holders of a 2021 Racing License issued by an ASN which is member of FIA.

Please also note that:

1. Competition vehicles must correspond to technical regulations as announced by Aci-Sport for 2021 championships.

2. Competitors must wear clothing FIA approved and FHR neck support system.

3. A competitors who fails during Scrutineering to meet Aci-Sport technical or clothing regulations will be excluded from competitors list of Italian Championships and he will be assigned to a RALLY GREECE OFFROAD category (assuming that he meets technical and clothing standards described in Supplementary Regulation of the event).

Organizers will provide free of any additional fee:

a. Online Timekeeping

b. Online GPS Tracking System

c. Car-to-Car Alarm System

During RALLY GREECE OFFROAD Organizers will publish a separate Provisional LEG and Final Classification for these competitors that participate in the Italian Championships.

A competitor registered in RALLY GREECE OFFROAD and listed to participate and classified in Italian Cross Country Rally Championship and Italian SSV Championship will be also listed and classified in the Provisional LEG and Final Classifications of RALLY GREECE OFFROAD.

At closing ceremony, trophies will be awarded according to General Classification, Categories and Classes for:

1. Rally Greece Offroad

2. Italian Cross Country Rally Championship

3. Italian SSV Championship

Visit Regulations Page for detailed Supplementary and Techical Regulations of RALLY GREECE OFFROAD.

For more information regarding 2021 Aci-Sport CCR announcements, visit official website:

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