2018 General Prescriptions

Art.1 Events

Valid Events for 2018 :


1)  RALLY GREECE OFFROAD        17-20 May 2018            www.rallygreeceoffroad.gr

2) BAJA 500 ROMANIA                 22-24 June 2018               


3) BAJA BULGARIA                      27-29 July 2018


4) BAJA GREECE**                         07-09 September 2018      http://atlasteamgr.wixsite.com/bajagreece

5) BAJA TROIA TURKEY                04-07 October 2018          www.bajatroiaturkey.com

-    Reserved Date                          02-04 November 2018

6) BAJA DESERT ISRAEL 70***     02-05 December 2018         


*        To be confirmed

**       Date to be confirmed by ASN

***     Race confirmed within December. Exact date to be confirmed.


Updates and Announcements at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EETTS/


Art.2 Running Events

All events have minimum 300km of Special Stages. Organizers are free to announce the number of Legs that a race may have. Classification is set according to faster time achieved and penalties if exist. Organizer of each event may announce a Regularity race in which classification is set according to the achievement of a pre-determined average speed and penalties if exist.

All events will apply GPS tracking systems for competitor’s monitoring and safety.

Organizers are free to apply “Super Rally” regulation, thus, a competitor may continue, finish and be classified even if he abandons in a Special or Liaison Stage. Supplementary Regulation of each event will explicit clarifies “Super Rally” regulation.


Art.3 Vehicles accepted

All events accept vehicles T1, T2, T3 according to FIA regulations.

Also are accepted vehicles TH (with expired homologation), SSV (side by side), Buggy (single or double seat), R (vehicles accepted only in regularity Selective Stages).

In specific:


Group FIA T1 – Improved Cross Country Vehicles:


T1.1: T1 4x4 Petrol Class

T1.2: T1 4x4 Diesel Class

T1.3: T1 4x2 Petrol Class

T1.4: T1 4x2 Diesel

Group FIA T2 – Cross Country Series Production Vehicles:


T2.1: T2 Petrol Class

T2.2: T2 Diesel

Group FIA T3 – Improved Cross Country Vehicles:


T3.1: T3 4x4

T3.2: T3 4x2

Group TH relevant – Vehicles without FIA homologation:


TH.1: vehicles up to 2.500cc engine capacity

TH.2: vehicles from 2501cc up to 3500cc engine capacity

TH.3: vehicles from 3501cc up to 4500cc engine capacity

TH.4: vehicles from 4501cc engine capacity and more

Group SSV – Light weight vehicles without FIA homologation.


SSV.1: vehicles without turbo, engine and up to 1050cc

SSV.2: vehicles with turbo, engine and up to 1050cc

SSV.3: vehicles without turbo, engine more than 1050cc

Group Moto

​A: Motorcycles under 280cc four stroke + under 250cc two stroke.
B: Motorcycles from 281cc to 365cc four stroke + over 250cc two stroke.

C: Motorcycles over 365cc and under 450cc 
D: Motorcycles over 450cc and under 600cc 

E: Motorcycles over 600cc Single Cylinder
F: Big EnduroTwin Cylinder

Group Quad

​One Group. No subdivision


Group Buggy


B.1                  Buggy with engine until 1.050cc (if turbo exists, 1.7                                     coefficient is applied)

B.2                 Buggy with engine more than 1.051cc (if turbo exists, 1.7                           coefficient is applied)

B.3                  Buggy with engine more than 2.501cc (if turbo exists, 1.7                         coefficient is applied)

Group Regularity


R.1                  Engines until 2.500cc (if turbo exists, 1.7 coefficient is                               applied)

R.2                 Engines from 2501cc (if turbo exists, 1.7 coefficient is                                 applied)


Organizers are free to announce more Classes within Categories.

Organizers are free to announce more categories and classes for Motorcycles and Quads.


Art.4 Technical Regulations


4.1 Vehicles of T1 category must respect FIA latest regulations. It is permitted to be equipped with fire extinguishing system as described in Art. of J-2016.

4.2 Vehicles of T2 category must respect FIA latest regulations but they are not subject to Appendix 2 of “General Prescriptions Cross Country Rally FIA”.

4.3 Vehicles of T2 category are permitted to be equipped with fire extinguishing system as described in Art. of J-2016.

4.4 Vehicles of T2 category may maintain the original fuel tubes and fuel tank according to Art.283.3.2 and Art.284.6.8 of J-2016.

4.5 Vehicles of TH category are considered all vehicles that are according to regulations that each Organizer’s parent ASN has in force for non-FIA Cross Country Rally vehicles.


Art.5 Classification

All events for all Categories will calculate classification as follows:


Overall Classification

1st       20 points

2nd     18 points

3rd      16 points

4th       14 points

5th       12 points

6th       10 points

7th         9 points

8th        8 points

9th        7 points

10th      6 points

11th       5 points

12th      4 points

13th      3 points

14th      2 points

15th      1 point


Points for each Category and Class will be calculated in every event if there are at least 3 participants in each separate category or class.

1st       20 points

2nd      18 points

3rd       16 points

4th       14 points

5th       12 points

6th       10 points

Both for Overall and Category classification, a competitor will be classified and entitled for Trophies and Awards, after calculating the best four (4) races results. 

Thus, if a competitor runs 1 to 4 races, all points achieved will be taken in consideration for his classification. If a competitor runs more than 4 races, then the best 4 results will be taken in consideration for his classification.


Apart from above mentioned list of points for Overall, Categories and Classes, all competitors will be awarded with:

2 points for starting an event.

2 points for finishing an event.

In each Series event, Organizer may announce one (1) Special Stage as “Power Stage”. In this stage additional points will be awarded to the first six (6) competitors according to “Power Stage” Classification results. These points will be awarded as follows:


1st       6 points

2nd     5 points

3rd      4 points

4th      3 points

5th      2 points

6th       1 point.

“Power Stage” is advised, but not obligatory, that is the last Special Stage of the event. In “Power Stage” it is eligible to participate any competitor that has started the relevant event, even he has retired from the race in previous stages.

Example of maximum score points in one event’s General Classification:

2 points         for starting an event

2 points         for finishing an event

20 points      1st Overall Classification

6 points         1st in Power Stage

30 points      Total


Art.5 Regulations

All events are governed by FIA regulations, Regulations of local ASN, Supplementary Regulations of each event and present General Prescriptions.


Art.6 Trophies - Awards

Each event awards separately winners in Overall, Category and Class classifications.

“East European Tout Terrain Series” trophies will be awarded before the start of the first event of 2019 in place and date that will be promptly announced.

Trophies to be awarded:

Twin Cups for first 6 competitors of Series General Classification

Twin Cups for first 3 competitors of Series Categories

Twin Cups for first 3 competitors of Series Classes

Twin Cups for first competitors from each country

Single Cup for first 3 competitors-ladies regardless if she is driver or co-driver.


Art.7 Disclosure Statement

Event organizers declare their commitment for making their best effort for successful and safe races as scheduled.

Organizer of each event will provide to competitors Third Party Liability Insurance Policy in accordance with each country’s law.

Organizers declare that each one has no responsibility for other’s event level of organization, safety and financial relations with competitors or any other party that is involved in the organization of an event.

Organizers declare that financial responsibilities that derive from each separate event are exclusive responsibility of each organizer.

“East European Tout Terrain Series” will be considered as completed if at least four (4) events are successfully concluded.



2017 Final Results.
Click on .pdf icon to download
2017 East European Tout Terrain Series (EETTS) is completed succesfully after 4 races, including Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.
87 different competitors arriving from all over Europe made their best for a place in podium.
Races in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania were of the same high level of Organization as the previous years.
Turkey and ISOFF club participated for first time in 2017 with a race counting for EETTS and it was the surprise for all to attend in an event of high level organization.
2018 East European Tout Terrain Series (EETTS)
This years starts with an updated race program that includes 6 races !
For first year Israel will organize a race that will count for EETTS and of course is the first time that a race will have desert, sand and dunes !
2018 season is very interesting and promising !
Get Ready !
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